Kamis, 27 Januari 2011



Name Of Organization : PT Stars Shoes
Purpose Of meeting : Determine where to held  new Branch
Date/Time : January, 19 2011 ( 08.00-09.00 am)
Chair : Directur (Aminatus Sofia Rianda )
Attend : -    Directur                                  - Administration Manajer
-          Secretary                                 - Publikasi Manajer
-          Marketing Manajer
Topic : New Branch Opening
Discussion :
-          Report about selling by Marketing manajer
-          Report about Administration by Administration Manajer
-          Discuss about place to new branch opening By publikasi Manajer
Responsible : All attended in meeting
Conclusion :  to increased sales the company decided to open a new branch in the area Dinoyo, because the place is strategic. And we can find many customer.

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